Sunday, February 24, 2013

Spring is in the Air

I know a lot of you have been waiting for the Post on Books On Indian Interiors and Decor,but unfortunately a problem with my camera has resulted in the service of the wait on for sometime more..till I get them back.As far as now,there are many blog posts coming up ..with already clicked images.

As for Elle decor Says.."Spring is in the Air"Enjoy the cool days and the blushing flowers..

stock upon Pretty Floral plates,beaten hammered copper,lassis,beautiful lassi glasses,enamel cups,colourful clothes,rugs and pretty cotton curtains..welcome spring and summer

 All image courtesy:Elle decor..

Monday, February 18, 2013

India Design 2013

India's design week had just whizzed past us.That was a wonderful time spent there,with some truly innovative and inspirational designs of 2013.The Design gurus with their amazing designs ranged from furniture to tableware to textiles and it was amazing to find how they find inspiration from the nature,from India's rich heritage material,how a similar concept can be executed in different forms,their twist with the indigenous concepts and contemporary twist.So much talent out there in India:)-

The amazing designs on the show were of Prateek Jain and Gautam Seths Klove, Sunil Sethis 'Design Alliance, Raseel Gujral's Casa Paradox, Pinakin Patel'Pinakin, Michael Aram, Good Earth, Sarita Handa, Floor covering By Zoha, Gunjan Gupta, Elle Decor,Design Temple, Sahil and Sarthak and so much more...

Krisna Mehta,Tree of cushions

textiles  tree by Anupama

chandelier,Pinakin Designs

Design temple,inspired by Temples..beautiful and mind blowing

The Pure Concept,Textiles and furnishings..

Pure concept
taste of earth
taste of earth,effect of light through perforations..shows,light can create magic

made from paper pulp,and lit from above

how light adds to the drama

Sunilsethi's Alliance...

Elle Decor minimalism in whites

Elle Decor

Different products sourced from various people...attracted crowd

the amazing duo ,Sahil and Sarthak

another beautiful installation

klove just blew the minds

beautiful web like installation..with fairy lights
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All Images:Lakshmi Arvind

Thursday, February 14, 2013

"India Style" by Monisha Bharadwaj

"India Style"-"The hidden beauty of India's Home Decor"is one of the first of these kind of coffee table books I bought and still love it to the chore each day.Any day you read you its "like a light breeze on your face".The photographs in this book flash in my mind ,whenever i think of India ,its decor and the amazing style of India.No other country has such a beautiful lady like innate style. 

This book Beautifully written and compiled with great difficulty By Monisha Bharadwaj ,Absolutely brilliant Photographs by The Master Bharath Ramamrutham. How much I adore these stalwarts in teaching me the basics of Indian Style,its just difficult for words to explain.Might be could meet each of them once:)-a lifetime.

Monisha Bharadwaj is the wife of the actor Nitish Bharadwaj is an award-winning author and food writer.She has written books ranging from Cookery to Indian design. She has published 13 books. Monisha contributes to several magazines including Elle, Delicious and Food and Travel. She appears regularly on UK TV.She runs her own cookery school Cooking with Monisha. This is one among the books written by her ,the other book being"Inside India".

Bharat Ramamrutham..words actually fall short to describe this great photographer,writer,publisher,Visual communication consultant,architect,designer...all in one..He has authored books and have been the master photographer in so many books..i adore his books and as a photographer he has influenced me a lot to learn and photograph.

India Style as Written by the book itelf is "a celebration of the richness of Indian Culture and decor.These images have been photographed  in homes throughout India.This illustrates the beauty of India from within each one homes.These images are sure to inspire any professional interior decorator and amateur.This book reveals the India style,the very practical and inspirational style of design artefacts and the key factor is they are all acheivable within your home".

This is I think one of the first book to examine the Indian style in depth.This serves as a vibrant guide,which helps you decorate from the living room corners to the outdoor spaces.It explains the origin of these ornamentations that epitomizes India an its style and includes treatment of doors,walls,floors,textiles,windows,terraces etc.

it also illustrates how brilliant colour schemes symbolize religious traditions,and often correlates to the basic elements of air,water,fire and earth.

So Why the Indian Style ?
at home,a leisure reading day

"hidden beauty"

architectural features a separate study


of grills and doors

thorans..the indian style

motifs and patterns

textiles and artefacts


goan day

chair love

Images from 1 to 8 by Lakshmi Arvind
Images from 8 to 20 from erudition online
All images are copyrighted to the respective photographers.If regarding any complaint about the images,please write to me and will remove the photographs.

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