Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Brigitte Singh..an Inspiration

          I never thought I would live so close to Jaipur:)- Each travel brings us closer to Jaipur  as of now umpteen travels being made.Exploring the nooks and crannies of Jaipur still remains a lot more ..Any time you go to Jaipur there's always a touristy feel :)-Anybody who knows me knows about my love towards Blockprinting..There isn't any place to store any linens/quilts of blockprinting at home currently.

          All craftisans  who does Blockprinting Nationally and Internationally..i salute them and they are all inspiration for me in one way or the other..But there comes some names which we have first heard of and the love towards them remains the "first love" And such a  name is "Brigitte Singh"..You think of Blockprinting and then you think of "Brigitte Singh".Her textiles known internationally,everyone is in awe of her designs and she herself has discovered and revived tradtitions in textiles.

              Brigette Singh came to India 25 years ago and stayed on to revive textile traditions.There' s nothing intriguing about a foreigner setting up base in India under the "world-has-shrunk-to-a-global-village" reality. But 25 years ago, Brigette Singh, a French national was one of a kind, as she trudged through the streets of Sanganer, the hand-block printing hub of Jaipur, seeking to discover and revive traditions in textiles.

              She first came to Jaipur at the end of 70's to study the art of miniature painting with an Indian Master,fell in love with and married his son, and made her home in Amber. She then became fascinated by India's rich textile heritage and the art of woodblock printing which had declined since its zenith in the C18th. Her workshop in Amber now produces an exquisite range of clothes, furnishings and accessories which are renowned worldwide and all produced under her personal supervision.

           Brigitte Singh handblocked textiles 

          Interiors of the haveli of Brigitte Singh

          Interiors of the Haveli of Brigitte Singh

          'Italian Country Living" by Caroline Clifton Mogg open to a bedroom with Brigitte Singh fabrics.

          World of Interiors, October 2011. Photography by Christopher Simon Sykes. Bedroom with Brigitte Singh "Poppy" curtains in Christopher Gibbs house.

          Singh Poppy sighting. World of Interiors, August 2008. Photo by Anders Gramer.

          Brigitte Singh Poppy quilt, Elliott Puckette house. Image is from Elle Decor, October 2000. Photography by Anita Calero. Story written and produced by Miguel Flores-Vianna.

          Brigitte Singh bedroom photographed by Henry Wilson, House & Garden UK, May 2009.

          the insides of the  workshop of Brigitte Singh..

          Brigitte Singh's Red Chrysanthemum blockprinted cotton. 

          Jaipuri Quilts..a book written by Krystyna Hell strom..one of Brigittes Jaipur Quilt on  the cover page

          Some more traditional designs

        All images from Pinterest,Style court ,live mint,"vivid photography blog"
          Information from:style court,Culture wrap..an article from Live mint,Vivid photography blog

Monday, April 21, 2014

Deep violets and a Day bed!

Casual, relaxed, capturing elegant simplicity and the down to earth charm that is what we always wanted to achieve at home. A world of color, textures, unique d├ęcor and warm hospitality too. If you are looking for something like that, you've come to the right place. The furniture at home are  quite simple and old! We love the old fragrance and the old wood and the good old  dents in these furniture.

Our style at home has evolved over the years. As the place is rented..much focus goes for the furniture at our home. I love mixing textures and neutrals but adding just a touch of color and mostly  pastel shades. A pop of colour definitely will be there from the flowers.

The  taste for textures change with seasons'too..And the "day bed" at home has helped me to keep my love for cushions and seasons  at home alive. The day bed also has changed with our priorities..It was the first piece of furniture that we got made .. it didn't have legs and was flat earlier .. and then one Diwali we decided to give it legs to give it some height and elegance.. and on goes the story of the day bed!

Bedspreads, cushion covers or an old quilt thrown on the day bed,  gives a cozy effect to the room. Can you all imagine the deep sense of tranquility and contentment that the day bed brings us?

Always having loved the  unique texture of old natural wood and  the simple details, many months ago we saw a wooden patterned screen in one of the dilapidated corners of the furniture market and the decision was impulsive to get it back home and give it a new life. As the decision was impulsive, the thought next was where to place it? And now there it stands behind the day bed!

To sum up, a small space with its furniture and accessories that has a feeling of simplicity and warmth..An eclectic comfortable space surrounded by warm colours..Absolutely simple in design. 

(Not that we had so much space in our small home..but we didn't want that amazing piece to lose its life in the corner of a market:)

All images and ideas..Lakshmi Arvind..Please do not copy nor steal images from the site.

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