Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Its all in love and memories,the old home!

This post is about a very old home built in the early 1900 or earlier than that :)-The home is of my Husbands Grand Mother's.Recently it got renovated to become even more beautiful with all old photos hanging on the various walls,the black oxide turned into cool blue chettinad flooring :)-

The love it holds for me ..my husband...his mom...his dad..and Chechi. and all other dear family!
I still remember the first time I went there as a newly wed bride,the countless blessings received from the grandma, the grandma's loving felt like hands, almost all Sunday lunches when we are there in town with grandma,my first onam lunch as a new bride and a going to be mom,the many shots I took there,the pink and white hibiscus flowers

I still remember the old windows,the cracked cool blackoxide floors,the books we read lying on the floor,the mangoes  we ate ,the cool summers under the tiled roof  and the countless memories that cannot be penned..the amazing loving stories weaved in mind by the mom in law..its only love in mind..the love to memories and nostalgia!    What more in life than that!

Hoping to gather  more memories and love here.....

loved the small windows..and the light that came from them

a look up

its all in the wind:)- a little blurd

the grand entry

the cool blue chettinad

my mom in law pointing out to the photos 

the courtyard with its tulsithara

an old cot

the house warming day

the cool black oxide ..years back

i only know how much i loved the pink and white hibiscus flowers!
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