Saturday, May 29, 2010

Flowers and Flickr Friends Part 3

What a desolate place would be a world without a flower!
It would be a face without a smile, a feast without a welcome.
Are not flowers the stars of the earth, and are not our stars the flowers of the heaven.
- A.J. Balfour

With a few flowers in my garden, half a dozen pictures and some books, I live without envy.

- Lope de Vega

The above written quotes are some of my favourite ones..

In friendship's fragrant garden,There are flowers of every hue.,Each with its own fair beauty and its gift of joy for you.Like flowers,like friends.

Let me introduce you to a recently met friend of mine,i met her through flickr.She is the very talented, Ms Meena Sriram..A photographer and home decor lover~ Meena Sriram from Ottawa, Canada shares with us simple but beautiful make overs for your lovely homes with a dash of flowers and greens.

She says ,An Amateur at Digital Photography....fumbling my way around with my Nikon D-90...learning,observing and loving it so far!.. :)

enjoy her nooks and flowery corners and let me know

Nice to curl with a book says MeenaMellow yellowSpring is here
At home down south..Experimenting with her camera
At home down southSome pink rosesoranges warming in the sunHome comfortsKitchen corners
Near the bedside

Little black board

a lot of reading

The sweet smell of summer
orchids on a sunday morning
An apple a day
Lazy Sunday view
Little Black Board
Orchids in bloom

Relax and Enjoy

Images copyright Meena Sriram
Ideas conceived by Lakshmi Arvind

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Flowers and Flickr friends 2

The Flower is the ultimate guide to color,composition,function,environment,and every other essential aspect of good floral design Stout

"Shalini Bahadur "lovingly called "Shalz" by me is my first and best flickr friend.Sometimes one meets friends in the most unexpected ways.I am glad to have found her through flickr and then we came to know each other through flickr mails for a year and thts it some time after that ;there started a series of meetings and laughter and tea sessions at home and we started admiring each other for their own qualities..Now she is my dearest friend whom i can lean on to at any time.

Simple and genuine is the word for Shalini..
Exquisite photographs are always a visual delight to anyone and if that showcases some nooks and corners of a house and with the added beauty of the flowers to it,then that complements the concept.
She is a Freelance writer and researcher specializing in retail and travel, who loves to travel, and is creative, reads voraciously..and based in Dubai

She provides us some stunning floral designs ,contemporary in spirit ,for the casual living indoors,to relax your body and mind.

Truckloads of thanks to have provided with me and my readers innumerable number of images within seconds..
love you dear shalz

keep looking at it and enjoy and write to me ..

fragrance in a bunch tied together
the tabla player,an art work with flowers,a corner table
a cup and a flower
Plumerias floating and two different arrangements basking in the sun
by my side says shalini
from the Desk series
from the Desk series
from the Desk series
Morning glow

3 sets of flowers and the art work
flowers and tea
a quiet corner
from the Desk series
geraniums and light
the morning light
brass vase ,a little traditional though:)-
light and curtains and a rose
a lovely welcome bouquet:)-
light glorious light

Image copyright of Shalini Bahadur
Ideas conceived by Lakshmi Arvind
Please do not copy or download images

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Cavala Beach Resort,Goa

Come with me and lets have a look at the interior of the Goan Guest House that tries to recreate the atmosphere of India. The furniture is colonial style from Rajashtan. This resort is quintessentially Indian,with a large courtyard,a corridor surrounding it and the rooms leading from it.The three bedroom villa built by Isla Polak or LULU as she is known. Large bedrooms,bathrooms and a kitchen with big windows, thats what she tells about this villa. Lulu is a Belgian, but she has an Indian connection. She was born in Kodai  and spent her early years in Mumbai.

Overlooking  a brackish creek, atop a hillock, the shingled roof home is an hour away from the crowded beaches. 

Lulu says: "I love the quality of life here and i have found this place on earth".

The Entrance Patio

Colonial Chaise Lounge

The Lamps have Walking Sticks as Stands

Close-up of the Center Table

The handblock printed furnishing from Casab. Bench has old tiles fitted.

Fuschia Bedroom has Sarees for curtains.

Fucshia Bathroom has an open shower area, metal bowls for basins.

Lulu's Bedroom, the inbuilt bed.

Another Bedroom

Bedroom and shadows.

Dining Room
Outer seating arrangement
The perfect lookout spot on the outer verandah. Wooden barrel as the side table

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