Saturday, October 10, 2009

Shubh Deepavali

The festival of lights is all about welcoming the Goddess of wealth.A festival for thorough spring cleaning and wearing new clothes.Enjoy the best. A flurry of activities at home for me,cleaning polishing the brass and bringing out the diyas and of course some last minute purchases.

Its fun as dusk settles at the time of Deepavali and the whole house gets illuminated by the bright little diyas and my favourite Kerala Lamps.Memories at home do bring tears,but they do get wiped by the bright diyas and the halo surrounding them.

A simple idea from the kitchen utensils finds a way in today's Deepavali inspiration.The brass utensil used is the one used for making small sweet balls called "Unniappam".The wooden utensil is nothing but an antique wooden utensil used for keeping aside spices while cooking with cup shaped depressions in it.You can float any flowers and diyas alternately in the small holes and place it before the god,in front of the entrance and make a 'kolam' (rangoli design) to the side of it or around it.Here i have used rice grains and masoor dal in the shape of Diyas and placed diyas alternately in the patterns.

Hope you all enjoy the design and will watch out for more...

(Images and Ideas by Lakshmi Arvind.Please do not use it for any purpose without informing.Images are all subject to copyright)


  1. All the images are simply superb & inspiring..

  2. What a lovely pattern you have created....and the light from the diyas is so wonderful!

  3. Thanks Patricia and Shalini for loving the images and the idea.

  4. Too much of pain and effort gone into that photo..

    Simply superb! Feeling very nostalgic!

  5. beautiful...! I saw the deepavali series on COD today...! amazing snaps lakshmi.


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