Friday, December 18, 2009

Pick 'em up.... Pickle Jars

Pickle jars
I love Pickle jars,the traditional ceramic one,which is brown and cream in color,the typical South indian Pickle jars.
At home down south there are different types of ceramic pickle jars,small and big where my Mom stores pickles,curd,salt and so many items.It is truly versatile, meant for multipurpose use...Even I have some pickle jars which i brought here from my home town and some bought here in Delhi,which is used also for storing pickles and curd and at the same time used as an decor item in various corners at my home.

Why not be a little creative by using them as decorative pieces?The jars makes a lovely vase for some fresh gerberas,a single Hibiscus to float, for a bunch of roses ,grow your favourite money plants or use them as planters..

Hibiscus floating

Gerberas on the window parapet
Gerberas near the window

Bunch of roses overlooking the garden path
On the kitchen window sill
In the kitchen,near the sink
To store the knick knacks,on the book shelf
On the table with the water jug
On the reading table
As a planter

Images and Ideas conceived by Lakshmi Arvind
All Images by Lakshmi Arvind
Pl.dont copy any images ,All images are copyrighted.If required do drop a mail..


  1. Hey lakshmi

    I love these jaadiz too..I dont have one as I couldnt get it here from India, but i have been eyeing a set of bean pots ;)(which are similar)

    you took me back all the way to our summer holidays; Which are always synonymous with vadaam, pickles and everything nice... :)...nothing can match the jaadi for storing pickles (I strongly advocate against use of plastic jars)

    btw, every pic is so cool..i go to ur photo stream to pull my spirits up...great going dear

  2. Love the pickle jars...had some beautiful ones ... sadly.. unable to locate them now after shifting home couple of times :(

    Lovely arrangements and pics too :)

  3. oh super post lakshmi...incidentally i was thinking to buy some jaadis for preparing pickles...hmmmmm....second thoughts in mind!!:-) should try to use them the way u beautifuly have used!

  4. I love these too. We call them Martaban's here in Punjab. They remind me of my grandmother's pickles!

  5. Lovely blog! Appealing not only to eyes but all the senses!


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