Friday, January 22, 2010

Small Cottage,Striped Down

The New feature of Indian Homes started this winter is going to be in full form from today.I hope I can bring to you as many Indian home tours as possible,so that my readers could integrate them in to their respective dream homes and make the living in them truly and experience in its own.I hope everybody will love this home to the fullest

Set in Parra,This holiday getaway is filled with vibrant hues complemented with DIY Decor.
Sparsley furnished with furniture,it sintricate wood work lends the character to the living room.A white linen curtain breaks the burst of colors leading to the dining area.

A sari used a drape provides privacy.whle a painted rangoli adorns the floor.the entrance
A handpainted wooden rail to hang knickknacks
Cutlery in a jar
Kitchen flaunts furniture made with the help of local carpenters..Bright striped walls help accentuate the double storey ,concrete finish on the slabs,counters..
Some boxes on the wall to store
Pink themed bedroom
Uncluttered and basic,the concrete finish gives an austere look to the bathroom.
Headboard resembles a jharokha opening.Linen with delicate cutwork from Fabindia.


Always remember,When adding texture to the walls,using one colour from the colour scheme tends to give continuity

Colour contrast:Dont be afraid to step outside your colour comfort zone and try.that will give you good results

wall embellishments:Dont stop at your fav artwork.spruce up the walls with lots of texture.

Accessorise:Put travel to good use.this is what will tell the story of your decor..

Hope the colours will pep our spirits and dont forget to tell me about this home tour.
lots more coming your way..

Image and Text courtesy:Elle Decor,June -July 2009


  1. Love the second image... the cabinet looks amazing... The home is awesome.. come together so well!!

  2. there is something rustic and so homey about the sitting area....the charpaai works so well with a few cushions thrown in :)

  3. Beautiful home! I specially love the innovative wall treatments. Thanks for sharing!

  4. A lovely home. I really like that they have not gone overboard with color as well as stuffing too many things into the rooms.

  5. Such a colourful the first image..the low chairs and the charpoy with the cushions look so inviting!


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