Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Kerala Homes

I love to find home decor that fits our specific taste.Home decor that is unusual and not common.
When we travel to different homes,we would always look forwrd to some things that attracts you instantly.Wedding related travel took me to so many homes and some of the houses of our relatives where I have been to several times when i was in Kerala.These houses doesn't contain any rich decor items, but the spaces within them and the light tells us more about the decor in detail.

Verandahs with the jasmine climbers
totally love the two chairs

beauty of the door

beauty of the jaali
planters chair

Reflections take my mind

green tiles on the door

Chair ,70 years old

light the world filling light
Money plant in painted pots
Did u all love this?
Do write in...

Images and Ideas Conceived and taken by Lakshmi Arvind
Pl dont steal Images nor copy,Images are strictly copyrighted


  1. beautiful pictures Lakshmi.
    Love the lighting..indeed beauty with simplicity :)

  2. Wonderful series Lakshmi. I like how these houses convey a sense of realism and are not styled for the shots. The simplicity and earthiness of the homes shines through.

    I love the symmetry of the chairs on the verandah and the jaali is so beautiful too.

  3. The jaali and the chairs are gorgeous. Love the beauty and old world charm of the homes. Making me feel nostalgic..how I miss India.

  4. how could one not love the house and everythign in it...ah!!..i love kerala antique furniture..i have a long standing dream of owning a house and buying kerala furniture, vintage ones, for the house..:)

  5. gorgeous! i love the earthy colors.

  6. Loved this post Lakshmi. The simplicity, the beauty, the antiques...I am so glad you clicked these pics and shared them!


  7. a lovely post and an incredible set of pictures! the light and accents are warm and inviting :)

  8. *sigh* Wat lovely pictures, and that too the real place...The simplicity to die for..


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