Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Flowers and Flickr Friends Part 1

The summer heat is on but the lovely summer sunshine is my bonus.
The flowers kept in the corners of my home give me company in these lonely summer afternoons. Their bright colors and the gentle fragrance fills my heart with fond memories of my friends.

Friends who have stood by me in the difficult times. Friends who have shared the little joys and the sweet moments of my life. Friends who have been a shoulder to lean on when I needed them and friends who have parted ways to unknown lands....

Life is a garden
Good friends are the flowers,
And times spent together
Life's happiest hours . . .
And friendship, like flowers,
Blooms, ever more fair
When carefully tended
By dear friends who care . . .
And life's lovely garden
Would be sweet by far,
If all who passed through it
Were as nice as you are.

~Helen Steiner Rice

These lines sum up a lot of emotions. These benign floral beauties arranged on the center table of my home inspired me to start a project series focusing on flowers and my friends. So I asked my Flickr friends to send me snaps of the flowers at the corners of their homes. Soon my mail box was flooded with pretty pictures of lovely nooks and corners bedecked with flowers.

As a prelude to the series, here are some pictures of my Floral friends who've given me and my corners company and shared my ruminations and apprehensions in the summer afternoons. i miss them, my friends and as they say....
life's lovely garden would be sweet if all who passed through it were as nice as you are.

Hope you all enjoy this as I enjoyed them at my home.....
Pranam to the elephant god,Ganeshji, on the Pooja Mandap

Flowers from the park,bougainvillea,sparkles a corner in a steel glass
Memories and floating dreams,chrysanthemums floating on the centre table
gulmohar flowers on the centre table,morning light filtering in..
betel leaves floating,dont worry if you dont have flowers...
pinks and violets in the big kuja.
vinca rosea floating in a glass,face of peace
cosmos,summer colours and books
Gerberas and garden path
cannot leave behind this uruli and my fav hibiscus..

this pic is blurred,but i love this and the flowing amaltas
Bougainivilleas,beer bottles and swing..

Gladiolus and dining chairs and afternoon light
Some lilies and fruits on the dining table
Merry go round the mulberry bush
A single gulmohar can also be appealing ,isnt it
a single rose and a book..

Enjoy and look out for the rest of the posts in the series clicked with love and passion by my dear Flick friends.
Write back to me and tell me about my flowers at my corners.

Images and Ideas Conceived by Lakshmi Arvind
Pl dont steal them


  1. lovely flowers Lakshmi, the vibrant and earthy colors are so warm and soothing

  2. Oh my... what amazing photos Lakshmi.. I'm a bit nervous to send mind now... *wink*

  3. Its so dull and glumy here today ! ... and your flowers brought in some "Happy Sunshine' :-)
    amazing pictures and beautiful idea...cant wait to see the next post :-)

  4. Thanks a lot for your lovely comment on my blog

    Bright idea and a fabulous post!!!

    With all best wishes

  5. Such beauty and vibrance in all the shots. I love the one of the amaltas too. You've really got a treasure trove of photos that I haven't still seen.

  6. Wow..lovely pics!Beautiful post :)

  7. Love your uruli and the flowers. Do you know where I can find an uruli? Cottage Emporium?

  8. been sometime since i visited....blog as bright as ever...good pictures

  9. I think that your blog and the photos show a passionate sensitive person and the colours are not bad either!!!! I would like to get permission to paint a phtot, this is my blog for you to approve...
    www.musingart.blogspot.com I live in Toronto and am an art teacher for adults with disabilities


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