Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bougainvillea and the Indian decor

As we know that bougainvillea is only the flower that blooms throughout the year with bountiful flower and make the environment colourful and magnificent. It can be used for various purposes like decoration of houses,interiors of houses, buildings, hotels, and apartments. The species of bougainvillea are characterized by their high tolerance to pollution, drought, pests, low fertility and other adverse conditions.

Although Bougainvillea has originated in South America, but approximately 50% of the present day cultivars were evolved and produced in India.

Images from my home

on the books in the lamps
on the centre table,a perfect morning
in green wine bottles,on the swing
on the centre table,in terracotta urulis

Images are from magazines and books
in hanging lamps
on the dining table
in beer bottles,long headed bottles
on the pooja mandap
winding around the windows and arches
both sides of the entrance arches
over the front gate

images and ideas conceived and clicked by Lakshmi Arvind
Image courtesy to India style and India contemporary


  1. Love your brass Nandi. Wish I could get bouganvilliea here... :(

  2. Hi Laxshmi... thanks for sharing information about bougainvillea... love its colour and clicks are lovely as usual

  3. My grandmother loved bougainvillea and there was a riot of it growing at home. Your post brought back such lovely memories. And you have a gorgeous home!

  4. lovely blog...looking forward to getting to know it from Canada, Susan

  5. So beautiful, like always on your posts.

  6. I love bougainvillea; one of my few good memories of Los Angeles if of the flowers over and around parts of some of the older freeways.

  7. Oh.. what a gorgeous post.. You know how much I love bougainvilleas.. isnt it?? They are just so simple, beautiful and fuss less!!

  8. sigh! gorgeous....i have vivid childhood memories of homes with rambling bougainvillae on the housewalls and compound walls!

  9. Lakshmi, still waiting for a post featuring your brass/bronze collection.

  10. thanks all my dear friends for the lovely comments.
    karthik:sure will post one on that..


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