Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Get crafty this Christmas..

Planning to bring our Christmas tree from the attic.My little one wants to make decorations ,so searching for ideas here and there.Here comes some more pictures for all of you to get inspired.Get crafty and follow these images and decorate your houses simply with your crafts..

how wonderful if you can make fairy lights with the simple paper egg crates
thin wood pieces can be cut and made into patterns and hung for curtains and also can be hung from the christmas trees
using slightly thick colored chart paper to make different designs and hang them

butttons and brooches to decorate your gifts..
cut colored paper in designs and glue them onto the empty bottles and light candles in the bottles and there comes the glowing light

so what are you waiting for,take your pencils,paper and start your decor .Will come up with our ideas form our home too.wait for this space.

Image courtesy:different websites


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