Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Wooden Beauties

Happy New Year 2011 !,a little late though.I love all of you who have stayed and come back patiently despite my erratic schedule in blogging..I wish you all a fantastic new year. I hope it’s filled with a lot of incredible things. Love and Laughter. Everything you hope for.

Wood is an extremely durable material used to craft utensils from time immemorial.
Wooden utensils have a warmth that has always fascinated me.
Wooden kitchen utensils are crafted with quality, balance and usefulness in mind.
I cannot resist picking one up during my numerous trips to the antique market.
Be it mellow mangoes, tangy oranges, lovely frangipani blossoms or patina covered cow bells, everything seems home on a wooden pan.


  1. Gorgeous collection and superb pictures Lakshmi !

  2. Awesome clicks Lakshmi, you can make anything look gorgeous :)

  3. The warmth of the wood is beautiful. I love how you have so much variety.

  4. Love your wooden utensils.... THis is a truly gorgeous post and I have the same blue cushion covers too! ;)

  5. super cool arrangements...looking forward to more pics and posts from you this year too~

  6. Exquisite post ! You have an eye for great angles..love the pictures you have taken ! Please give me some pointers for some good antique market places.


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