Thursday, October 20, 2011

Celebrations Special 18/10/2011

A visually pleasing way of lighting lamps this Diwali.BE it be on a painted tile or by adding a bling extra to the handmade Diyas or by  adding that special touch by adding designs underneath the Diyas.
Diyas and a painted tile

inside icecream cups

the special touch with little beads

a handmade box and tealights in kumkum holders

patterns and paisleys

intermingling them with tealights and paisleys

that special touch to the decor

tealights  in silver glasses and some jewellery to the shine
Diyas and some handmade glitter coasters
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patterns in black chart paper
in the night only the patterns will stand out

As Sri stays in US and earthen and  brass diyas are not available easily,she has come up  with out of the box ideas.Thanks Sri for Sharing these.
Aren't we glad that we live in India?

Will come up with my Ideas for this Diwali...stay tuned...lots more..

Images courtesy Sri


  1. Very beautiful. Love the designs on the tile and coasters.

  2. beautiful ideas and very lovely photographs...

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog. Love your diyas.


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