Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Christmas Home

Christmas will be here in a few days. I hope everybody are probabaly well on your way completing the list of all your yearly traditions.Some old pine ones and some colourful patch work sheets just surprised my senses with the home coming of christmas.I really dont think I can run away from the true traditional colours of christmas the red and green..The subtle December  light shines in all corners of my home ,leaving me with shadows that chase my life away..

Old pine cones collected,bunched and hung at various corners,a corner of  my bench

a wiping cloth converted cushion cover

pine cones on the centre table

the light the subtle one...mmm

christmasy covers..

christmasy sheets on the bench

Image courtesy:Lakshmi Arvind
pl do not copy nor steal images


  1. such lovely shots. and, i can't get over your mop cloth idea. adds the perfect rustic touch :)

    i will not steal images, but, please, i have to copy your ideas :)

  2. Wiping cloth converted to cushion?????? WOW great idea :)
    Have a happy festive season lakshmi :)

  3. Wow...That washcloth converted to cushion cover is so a very rustic effect :-))

  4. LOVE that cushion---it looks beautiful!

  5. Gorgeous shots, Lakshmi!!!
    Love your colorful table cloth.

  6. Lovely cushion and looks good on that bench along with the flowers

  7. love the ideas.. and the earthy touch in your pictures...

  8. Love all the subtle touches....yes, red and green is what Christmas is all about, but I'm loving this elegant and refined version. Really love the bunches of pine cones.

  9. amazing shots and decor...


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