Saturday, January 21, 2012

"Agashiye",House of MG,Ahmedabad

 We were at "Agashiye", the little restaurant within  the heritage hotel, "The House of Mangaldas", for an authentic Gujarati meal.Each meal was a treat to the eyes and a feast for us.They were an array of Gujarati delicacies  like the meetha dal,pakoda,tamarind chutney,poori,parota,shrikhand,achar and khichadi too .The last day we were about to leave they even gave us complimentary sweets,coz of the everyday visits there and there were complimentary coupons also everytime we went  for the next visit..The food was enjoyable,lipsmacking and the decor was so homely and heavenly..I think this is the first time i featured something like this.

My daughter the 7 year old still says of going back ..

as we walked through the fragrant corridors

walk past a lovely sunlit courtyard

the lovely stone path

urulis and flowers floating
black and white photographs on every walls you walk past,the bamboo shade with holes on the tube lights
the seating outside agashiye
outside agashiye

stone uruli

of blockprints and patch works

the coloured windows
the plate set on the table

loved the light,that fell on the juice

loved the concept of dried leaf on a clay plate and salad on it

the Gujarathi thali..

the amazing homely icecream,they had so many flavours  each particuarly for a day
 Images Lakshmi Arvind


  1. Wow ! What a lovely, warm and welcoming place , Laksh ! I especially love your beautiful snaps, the outside seating, the courtyard and the stone pathway !!

  2. Gujju thali...looks so yumm.

    And lovely warm decor too. Good captures Lakshmi

  3. I dont know, I say this everytime, but still I am going to say it again. I love the way you make everyday mundane things look so beautiful through your pictures. I am inspired to turn to hobby photography whenever I see your posts.

  4. What a super impressive place.. Totally loved looking thru each and every pic.. Living these moments with you.. as lovely!!

  5. you have got a beauty of a blog and great pictures! its a treasure!


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