Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hauz khas Revisited !

Before i tune in to some interesting places and their styles that we saw during summer vacations,before we left for our vacations,we had been to Hauz khas,our neighbourhood village.This time,i thought HAuz khas has a new look entirely different from what i had featured here long before.Some shops turned into restaurants and some more art shops opened and some more boutique shops opened with their fabulous collection and a long line of restaurants here..

Come lets have a walk.. 
inside the golconda bowl where we had lunch

a new restaurant Zo with its mediteranean cuisine

the wall art at places

invitations for sangeet

Diva piccola and is oranges

violets at bagels cafe

elmas bakery

wall art

peeled paint a beautiful collage on it own

prayers tuck

Images and Ideas lakshmi Arvind


  1. you make me so so nostalgic. Great post.

  2. I love how the area has evolved from being a clothing and designer boutique place to art galleries, cafes and restaurants.

  3. I lived in Hauz khas but the way you showed me it realle amazing . Thank you!!

  4. It is nice to know hauz khas this way as you showing i live in huuz khas but the way you showed it is reall amazing.

  5. I have heard so much about this place, seems like a perfect place to catchup with friends :)..thanx for the virtual tour .

  6. lovely photo essay of the place..! virtual visit wont help i guess now.. must visit when i am at delhi


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