Monday, February 11, 2013

Indian Design (daab)

Indian decor is as diverse as it is beautiful.
 Trying to define "Indian decor" is a frivolous attempt. If you are keen to incorporate Indian design — both traditional and contemporary — into your home, read on.Read on books that are written about India's Architecture,design,style and decor.

What began as a simple search for Indian Decor landed me in the sumptuous world of Indian Home Design,Interiors and Architecture.After receiving many a queries about the best books to read on Indian Interiors lands me up in this series of posts..These are some books which gave me an Idea about the India and its Decor and Design.

"Indian Design" is definitely not my first purchase,but its thoroughly a lovely read.It has volumes on information about India's design,Architects and Designers who have been inspiring me a lot since many years ago,since the days i was in college(which will be discussed later,i think the blog is becoming a dairy sorts of ...)

Some of us look at the different styles,never bothering to find out the designers and the photographers.In this book,the different areas have been clearly mentioned for as to Living spaces,Public spaces,Hospitality spaces,Leisure spaces,Retail spaces and Working spaces.Its indeed a blessing to know the designers/architect who designed these spaces too,where a special mention along with the spaces have been provided.A comparison of different styles are also possible here.

Some of them which has been dealt with here in this book are the Sarabhai House in Ahmedabad by Le Corbusier,Pinakin Residence by Pinakin Patel,Beach house by Vishalakshi Ramaswamy and Benny Kuriakose,Nilaya Hermitage,Malabar House,Fort Kochi,MTV office space by Khosla Asociates ,Cinnamom by Abhishek poddar and Soumitro Ghosh and lots more.

Indian Design is a Daab Design Book.The index in the last page has all the information you require in to get in touch with the architects and designer.This has been translated to different languages too.

Indian Design
As you enter the world of Indian Design

Sarabhai house,Ahmedabad

Beach house,chennai


MTV office space in bangalore designed y TSK design and Khosla Associates

Nilaya Hermitage,goa

 Indian Design found here
Image courtesy:Indian Design daab,trueblue,tskdesign
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  1. simply beautiful! I need a copy too! and that pic of the bhavnagiri joola looks so so good!

  2. i love my copy and every word in the post is absolutely true...beautifully expressed laksh...Indian design couldnt have been spoken about in a better way

  3. Wonderful post. Yes, Indian decor/design is an all encompassing term- really, where do you even begin? thanks for pointing out the book. looks like it would make a great coffee table book too.


  4. If someone wishes to get a glimpse of the intriguing and creative Indian decor, then this post could serve like a window of the bigger picture ahead. Great compilation! :)

  5. Beautiful post.

    Indian decor is beautiful, but when blended with international tastes from Hop Shop Drop, it adds glamor to one's room.

    Hope you have visited If not, then please do and do spread the word among your friends.

    Love, Anisha.


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