Saturday, September 14, 2013

Subtle and Soft at home

It's impossible to ignore the magic and romance of rain.The blue monsoons!The blush of soft and subtle colours that we had at home.The subtle mood that enhanced the monsoon feel.Enjoy the colour of the season.Merge with monsoons.The little little Monsoon moods at home...enjoy!


love this bedspread..the little orange flowers just lifts your spirit at home

the monsoons mood...i sat here watching the rains..

the small green grasses in blue bottles

the blue hand blockprinted sheet..

the kilol magic!

its beautiful and kilol

this is a beauty from anokhi

All images:Lakshmi Arvind


  1. Lovely clicks!impressive and soft indeed!

  2. just stunning post is this...! hey from where you got that ganesha.. I too want one... have been looking for quite sometime.. possible to get me one..? :)


  3. I love the warmth and glow of your pictures, lakshmi. Have been following you on FB. I too have a DSLR and am exploring it. Would love to have some tips from you.

  4. How evocative! these images spun a warmth and a longing - for the comfort of home, for the beauty of monsoons, the joy of beautiful things, the simplicity of cotton fabrics.

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  6. I think I have exhausted words to describe what your pictures make me feel!
    What are those blue flowers(allium-ish?) called?!!!And how do these exotic species of flora seem visit you in secrecy? ;)Please ask them to meet me sometimes too :P
    There is seriously so much to admire about you and learn from you! Hats off to you woman!

  7. Beautiful post and amazing pics...loving it Laksh. Scrolling up and down all over again :) there is so much warmth in these pics.
    Enjoy the monsoons and hope to see more of your lovely images.

  8. Always admired your style of writing and photography.only a beautiful person can churn out such beautiful posts.!

  9. Nice picture.. very intresting and beautiful......

  10. What a beautiful EVERYTHING!! Have a great celebration decor.Can you tell me the price of that Stylish home decor.


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