Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A peek in to India Design 2015!

A peek at what was showcased in the India Design 2015.

Truly mesmerised and inspired by the Design,the Colours and the Trends that i got to see.Some of them got me enchanted  for sure.You just had to get soaked in and seek inspiration from the awesome designers,see their designs and colour combinations and textiles and the dreamy bedrooms which were showcased.The products,textures,patterns, paints, colours will surely make for chic and dreamy interiors.

I am extremely thankful for the media passes handed over me.Thanks Vani!

a  dear friends work..Chandan Dubeys on an old chettinad door

dreamy NUR

Jenny Pintos work

Neerukumar for TULSI

Graceful Elan

                          All Images subject to copyright..courtesy Lakshmi Arvind

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  1. Very nice blog... I really like Graceful Elan a lot. This design is totally different, One of my client was asking about something like this. I'll definitely take it as my reference.
    Mamta Bajaj
    Interior Designer


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