Tuesday, November 10, 2020

New Beginnings at New Spaces

Having lived in Delhi for more than a decade and to move from a space we loved the most ,felt like a major leap into the unknown and always brought in a lump in the throat.Like all of us ,the uncertainity of COVID-19 did hit us and cut us off from most of the reasons we were living in the city.The last 6 months were filled with claustrophobic moments but we followed our guts and opted to move miles.More than excitement ,it was always fear and anxiey that gripped the travel and the days after we moved homes.As much as we love our new home so much, we also desperately miss our last home.The home that created a decade of lasting memories. The Garden city was love at first sight.A city where we have walked through the rose gardens ,drank coffees and ate too many good meals and it always was the perfect mix of weather we loved being in .At one point of time ,we always had felt we would end up there some day.

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