Thursday, July 15, 2010

My Simple Styles and Corners

This is the very first attempt to show case some corners of our simply styled house.All walls are painted in a very muted yellow and it does not have any extraordinary wall arts nor does it have some larger than life size paintings..These are nothing extraordinary,but does it tell you some story of the person I am ?
But i think it has the warmth in winters and the brightness when the sunshines through the windows ...
i have never felt so much courage as i feel today and so here comes the corners..tomorrow i might not feel the same :)-
i have carefully photographed keeping in mind that the walls are scribbled by my little one:)-

a low bed which was made to order ,the sheets and pillow covers change with season and so the curtains...that brings out the brightness in the does not follow a set pattern..
sometimes its white and pink in winters and green and blue in monsoons,a small centre table where some arrangements keep to happen always,that keeps the room fresh and fragrant
dont u see so many things crowded flowers,plants, books and tea:)- sometimes its not in the centre,pushed to the side with lots of books newly bought and books to be finished and roses one of the morning walk collections
i normally spend a lot of time here," the tiled bench",which we got on one of our travels and restored we enjoy our times there
the dining corner and summer gladioli,tiled chairs my fave..

an old trunk box,where the lampshades and some gods are kept to the side of the bench..

meet you with lots more corners later
hope u loved them....

images and ideas conceived and clicked by lakshmi arvind
do not copy or do not steal..


  1. Bravo! A home is made with the love of the people living in it, and one can see that in your home.

  2. Thanks my dear,love you shalz as always

  3. Very creative, very Indian and warm home:)
    Loved your corners!!!

  4. Loved each an every corner of your home,it has such a warm and welcoming feel and your photography once again...hats offff

  5. Lakshmi- its perfect! Can I interest you in a home-tour on my blog? please?... :)

  6. Laksh.. laksh!! you are an awesome person... so warm.. so full of love... I simply love your home... and love your scribbled walls.. (i have the same.. )... I am amazed by how you create your magic... in every corner.. in every tea cup... in every flower.. thats arranged and photographed...

    I loved this post.. and pray that you have more courage to show us some more pics.. :-)

  7. Superb blog and pictures Laksmi carry on and you are truly and artist with lens.

  8. Thanks all my dear friends for the love and affection showered on me .love you all...

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