Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Flowers and Flickr Friends Part 7

on the side table
flowers for buddha and greens in the drawing room
flowers and silver knick knacks in the window sills
flowers in the silver cups
what a combination?
greens in the window sill

tulips on the dining tableflowers in print too...
lovely light and whites
some dried flowers arrangement

If friends were flowers
I would not pick you
I''ll let you grow in the
garden & cultivate you
with love and care

This a wonderful quote ,that keeps ringing in my mind always make me think and think,arent flowers true friends?

Anu as we all dearly call her is Anuradha .I actually met her through the blogosphere and then i came to know that she had a flickr stream which she uploads photos and shares...She is a very dear friend of mine and its a pleasure to have so many friends whom we have not seen but we keep in touch constantly and are ever ready to help each other,be in any corner of the world.The world is a beautiful place.My photographs are an attempt me to capture its essence through my camera lens ,says Anu.She is a mother to two toddlers,aged four and one.

She is also extremely talented and passionate about travel and interiors and she loves landscape photography.

Like any one of us,she decorates her lovely home with various arrangements of flowers and greens.Appreciate her corners as u all have done prior.

Images all clicked by Anuradha

Check out Anus photostream here

She also blogs at My Dream Canvas


  1. Wow..thank you so much Lakshmi. I am really touched :-)

  2. Hi Lakshmi, I like the plant container in the second pic. Is it made of cane? Did you make it? It's lovely!

  3. Wow! Lovely corners :) Esp loved the flowers in the silver cups and in the colourful kettle!

  4. lovely arrangement Anu and thanks for bringing it to us Laksh :)

  5. lovely pictures and green on the most brightens each corner of her home...thankyou laksh for bringing it here

  6. Oh awesome!! I instantly knew who lived in this home.. *wink* I love Anu's blog.. and her photography...

  7. Lovely pics Anu! Nice post Laksh,


  8. Lovely pics Lakshmi, and beautiful home Anu! Evey single one of them is so pretty!

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  10. beautiful home, light and pics.

    thanks for sharing, lakshmi. :)

    I came to tell you that you have been tagged - Visit the post to see more about it.

  11. Great pot lakshmi, Anu has a great sense of design and it shows in the way she has done up the house.

  12. Beautiful pictures and what a lovely home!! I am jumping to her flickr now!!!

  13. I like Anu's style...very nice. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Gorgeous pictures, nice decorations. I love it.


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