Monday, November 1, 2010

Blockprints, Marigolds and Diwali..

Diwali being just around the corner, even I am trying my best to have some ideas new and special for this time. Simple and yet traditional and very soothing to the eyes. Let these ideas heighten your festive mood.

Simply create the mood using block prints,blockprint patterns in Diwali. A simple and colourful blockprint pattern coaster underneath the big brass lota where my daisies are just uplifts the festive mood..

how about some intricate blockprints below the daisies?

isn't it interesting to have a holder space for a tealight in the centre of the blockprints?
yes they are called surya kiran lamps and they come in sets of four.

some small blocks and marigolds accompanying the suryakiran candles..
peacock blockprints and marigolds and the lamp

the lamp is lit

some marigolds in a round bottomed container looks cosy
the marigolds truly look divine

dont worry if you dont have candle holders,you can make use of wine glasses,invert them and place candles on top of the flat base

fill the wine glass with marigolds

Simple ideas that can transform your space,dining table and centre table and these are going to be part of my diwali decor..

wait for some more ideas ..
Ideas and images by Lakshmi Arvind
pl dont copy nor steal images


  1. beautiful images...inverted never thgt of that :)

  2. *sigh* you can truly make anything look beautiful!! This is my true diwali inspiration!!

    I loved the glass idea.. flipped with flowers at the bottom.. Im going to try that for sure!!

  3. Love your tealight holders and the inverted glass idea is fabulous!

  4. Divinity called Diwali ideas found on your Blog. Loved it.


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