Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Diwali to Remember,at home

As the evening approached on Diwali day,the home got filled wih prayers and diyas for aprosperous year ahead.As the diyas were lighted and the prayers chanted the home filled with positive energy and brightness.We made it sure as the diyas were lighted from the entrance to the inner rooms,the lights were put off one by one to assimilate the festivities and light around us.Some lamps were hung on the tree that bends into our terrace.An evening to remember as it is....the diwali evening..

Before the pedestal

on the dining table,on a mirrormy lord krishna's pedestal
a corner of the room on top of the chest

below the chest
on top of the centre table

an island created keeping in mind the centre table in the centre of the room
the triangles of lamps...and their reflection

on the steps leading to the terrace
beautiful okeh of light and lamps,some lamps are handmade by recycling old bottles

beautiful bokeh on the bookshelf

a distant view
with prayers and waiting for the next diwali

Linking to the Diwali Dhamaka parties here and here

Please do not copy nor steal images.
images and ideas conceived and clicked by Lakshmi Arvind


  1. Simply beautiful Lakshmi, the images portray the true spirit of Diwali. Awesome post as always.

  2. gorgeous snaps & arrangements! love what you did it home mixing the old with the new! candles & the jars with diyas!

  3. beautiful!!!!! how creative, Krishna's pedestal, Centre table above and below - loved them all.

  4. I love that even your trees were decked up! your lanterns are gorgeous!

  5. Thanks all my dear friends for the appreciation and love shown towards my images.appreciating all the comments that came my you all

  6. Oh Lakshmi these images are gorgeous..What a perfect way to celelbrate ethnic..great... :)

  7. Love them all....but specially the hanging lamps...!! Hope you had anamazing Diwali...Love from Oz !!!

  8. oh my!! how lovely!! what a gorgeous gorgeous Diwali.. at yours Laksh!!

  9. chechi...amazing pics...just stunning the one's on the trees!!

  10. lovely pics... !! especially the arrangement on the mirror...!! Recycling old bottles as lamps... s a great idea for outdoor decor...!!
    Thanks for joining the party !!

    Hope to see you participating for Xmas and New Year too...!!

  11. I just love every pic you have posted. Diyas on the floor, hanging ones, candles in glasses. All are beautifully arranged. Especially I should appreciate the one who took the pics. Few pics were creative.

    Blog on Diwali – Quiet informative and beautiful. Check this out.

  12. Lakshmi, these Diwali Images are so nice. I've always been fascinated with Indian culture, deep and rich. And as far as I've known, Diwali Festival is one of the most celebrated holidays in India. Very nice. Thanks for sharing those beautiful pictures. Happy Diwali to all!


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