Monday, January 28, 2013

Mountain Trail,Muktheshwar

After leaving the Ramgarh hills we went high upto Mukteshwar hills.Seeing The snowcapped mountains from the hotel was an experience on its own.Except for a temple and a rock ,there isnt much about Muktheswar,it is a place for long walks,hot tea and some beautiful images.After much reading we finalised upon Mountain Trail,the oldest and the prettiest of accomodations available there.A row of idyllic cottages lines on a hillock.with the beautiful apple ,plum  with all its blosssoms out there in the spring season

Mountain Trail as we entered

as we entered and looked back,the carpet of yellow flowers

the outdoor sitting area

the wooden log benches

small birds that were hung on almost all trees

ecofriendly nameplates

the bird feeders ,coconut husk and shell

                                                small windows and ivy 

the chais that kept us warm

the wonderful cottages
all about reflections

breathtaking beauty

 Images and Ideas:Lakshmi Arvind
Please do not copy nor use without permission.



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