Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Kritika Malhotra@100 watts Design Studio

An amazing bundle of creativity.I really do not know where to start and end.Its always amazing to get connected to artists .Kritika Malhotra,the NID graduate,the owner of the graphic design agency 100 watts design studio.

I actually sorts of bumped in to her in Fb.Chanced upon her albums,by coming through fb and found her  work and her  companys work interesting and the recent work in calcutta is  amazing.The Roll CalRoll event in Calcutta was designed by Kritika.

For RollCalRoll, she conceptualised the 'calcutta diaries' a kind of a visual travelogue as a means to entice the audience to the event. Kriti, who is her junior from NID, had been doing some great illustrations so Kritika commisioned her for the diaries. She then planned a curated trip around Calcutta to get the feel of the city in the diaries. With Kritis illustrations(tell you in the next post about Kriti) she designed the graffiti layout, stamps, tablecloths and other collaterals that you see in the album. Hope that helps in understanding the project!

This is what she had to say about the event"A truly legendary event. A roller coaster ride planning & working on it over a year. For those of you who saw the 'Let Calcutta Suprise You' video, it was for this event. Yes, I think, we did take everyone by surprise :) So gratifying!"

She also has a beautiful Villa in goa. The villa has been her labour of love - and she has decorated it over time collecting furniture and artifacts from around the country..

 Text,Ideas:LAkshmi Arvind
Images Courtesy:Kanika Malhotra


  1. The green cupboard is to die for.

  2. what a creative person. her work is so good..and her home is a true sanctuary

  3. The illustrations for the Roll CalRoll event is amazing!!!


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