Monday, April 22, 2013

Nostalgia@home with Artnlight and Varnam

There's something delightful about these artists. An unknown amount of happiness or joy when I think about them and their art. Their art for me is sheer Nostalgia and a little sentimental in a way. Their art indulges me in Nostalgia everytime I see them. Its indeed a joy to have them at home. At home with Artnlight and Varnam.

There's very little that I can talk about both of them. Their art takes me  a trip down memory lane. 

Vineeta Nair is the talented blogger of the famous blog "Artnlight". I have been a follower of her blog for a long time. I have seen her experimenting with her decoupaged almirah to her newest line of decoupaged trays, each one so unique in its design. Each product has been enticingly beautiful, that it was hard to select mine. But her newest section of Trays just blew my mind. The colours and the blend which I felt made me want one. The colours are amazing and they remind me of my ammas Kancheepuram sarees, their fragrance, the mogras, the carnatic music and the dance recitals at home. This tray is dipped in nostalgia for me. Its a sweet melange of my home and my favourite state Rajasthan and every trip I keep making into this beautiful state.

all about the nostalgia in a sentimental way

the nostalgic dance recitals

the fragrance

Varnam by Karthik ,amazingly crafted products by the Channapatana women folk. Varnam creates utility ware with a contemporary touch and some serious design intervention.They play with lights. It was like whenever I see their products,its a yearning to buy all,but that doesn't happen either.You have to have your choices always.After along time discussion with Karthik over mails,as my interest fluttered and fluctuated and Karthik remained patiently hearing all..Finally I decided over the vilakku,I am so happy to have them at home..Karthik.
I am Indeed Waiting for more Varnam!

a very special corner at home

All Images and Ideas :Lakshmi Arvind


  1. Artnlight and varnam together..pure magic.

  2. so pretty Laksh, love it. I have been eyeing both these things for a while too :)

  3. Thank you for this beautiful tribute Lakshmi. Each frame is lovingly shot. And I LOVED the last picture. They truly look gorgeous together :)

  4. These 2 are truly wonderful artists.
    lovely choice and a nice combo of both in last image.


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