Saturday, October 4, 2014

Celebrations of Art and Music @Serendipity,Delhi

A riot of color, a burst of festivity and the sparkling brilliance of creative designers.
A Celebration of design, art & culture, curated and hosted by An Indian Summer & Serendipity Collective! A well curated space - that was what Serendipity, Delhi was on last weekend. Serendipity is a blue haveli located on the outskirts of the Delhi peppered with lots of antiques and chandeliers. Brimming with people, laughter and conversations and to top it all the brilliant designers.

Meeting all my favorite people whom I have not met for years:)-

Each pot had a handful of  marigolds in themhow lovely, how festive

Beauty in all the nooks
The stage is set 
Colours just got attention
Amazing music

I met the ever very humble, the ever smiling, the soft spoken, the gorgeous lady behind an inspirational blog Artnlight! 

Nikheel Aphale and his calligraphy works were a personal favourite from the time I started blogging and the photographic works are from Thiru.S
Ritu Pandit of Kiche Boutique
Tejinder Singh and his master works
Tia Pakhi and the wonderful cushions
Met Chandan Dubey :)- for the first time, Been a long time since i wanted to meet her:)- She is "as warm" and as true to herself as I had always imagined her to be, as family, as a person whom we closely know :)- I liked the traditionality infused in her product line which will go with the contemporary too and very inspirational with her colours. I just got pleasantly confused with all that she had got in her space. She had her new range of cushions,boxes small and big and the gyspy style trunk, platters and stools.

Chandeliers are beautiful

Magic of serendipity

The soul stirring sufi verses and music

As Serendipity waits for more Art and Music..
Images and Ideas:Lakshmi Arvind
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  1. How lucky you are to have been able to make it to this! Jealous!


  2. This looks one of a kind event Laxmi, I bet it was so much fun to meet all the friends.

  3. This must have been an awesome event. Gorgeous relics and artifacts. Thanks for sharing these Laksh.

  4. Looks like I missed a really awesome event... thanks for the images Lakshmi

  5. This is a dream event and lucky, you got to go to it Lakshmi! Love these pictures.

  6. Lovely post Laksh.. Im envious.. Id love to have joined you..


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