Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Deepanjali !

Inhale love and exhale gratitude..every breath is a gift of love! (reiki for inner peace.Pray with the moments of the day;offering your heart and life to god this Diwali.

A simple imagery of innumerous lamps worshipping the goddess of wealth.let the fragrant,
flickering lamps and the chants of the prayers fill your life and home with prosperity and happiness.

please do not copy images ..Please ask for permission if you want to use the images
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images and ideas Lakshmi Arvind


  1. Beautiful, dreamy images Lakshmi... just love them! So inspiring...

  2. sigh! there's something about your images - an old world charm, perhaps! always leaves me wanting for more!

    lovely. and i love the green yet again!


  3. Uff that first image is beautiful, Lakshmi! The Goddess in the background, the lights, the frangipani flower, all of it

  4. You know I always admire your deepavali..


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