Friday, November 13, 2009

Explosive beauties,floating

Fresh flowers are what gives life and makes home a happy place.I always look for ways to display them.Simple idea is what you all know and putting to use in a different way.

Marigolds floating during celebrations of a marriage at home

coral red hibiscus on a winter morningits this fragrance that floated in the air during Deepavaliwhite bedspread teamed with white bauhinias at the bedsidetablelazy afternoons with pink bougainvilleas floatingmMusic season at home and marigolds,music corner at homeShadows,grills and uruli full of hibiscus and butter cupsThoughts and reflections of home on a rainy day
Pickle jar on the window sill,with a single hibiscus
Day dream with plumerias in a terracotta ,uruli

Get your creative juices flowing.Use containers of all sizes to make unique designs.
Looks beautiful when these beauties float.Check out this creative way at your home.Hope you are all inspired.Some pictures from the corners of our home.

Ideas conceived and photographed by Lakshmi Arvind.Please do not copy them or use them without prior permission.All copyright to the author


  1. Hi Lakshmi,
    Your flowers look gorgeous ... :)

  2. Floating flowers are my fav :) They impart such a soothing feel and refreshing look to the home :)
    Nice pics all of them :)

  3. I agree, nothing like fresh flowers to brighten a home...and all your arrangements are so lovely!

  4. hey,
    thats real nice!loved the way u displayed the arrangement!

  5. hey

    I added you to my "i Like list". Hope it is ok!

  6. thanks all for your lovely comments and sudha its perfectly fine and i am glad u did it.


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