Monday, February 1, 2010

Anupam Poddar and Lekha :Devi designs

DEVI DESIGN is an Indian design studio that works with designers and skilled craftsmen to create products that compliment today’s contemporary setting and needs. The organization is led by Anupam Poddar with his overall creative vision and aesthetic sense. They design and manufacture a range of products from metal home accessories and hardware to architectural installations. They use a  varied mix of materials to contribute to the  world of craft and design; using traditional techniques and find new expressions for them.

The metal designs emphasis on clean lines of utility and are made using the ancient method of sandcasting.The materials when you go through u will find hat they area blend of the traditional and contemporary.Explorations into nature can be seen through in their designs.They have an array of things made form metal ware to furniture to knobs,handles ,ceramics ,salt and pepper shakers stone to are bound to find new designs which will always find a niche in your home,be it be traditional or contemporary.
I do secretely desire to buy some of their products..

Some of their designs are given below:
these are some of my favourites.u find you favourites there..

Devi design products are available at Neemrana shop in Khan MArket,Good Earth Saket,Delhi,Amethyst in Chennai,Pallate in Mumbai and Casagoa and Sangolda ,Goa.
All information from their site and Images courtesy to Devi Designs


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