Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ethaan..for contemporary design...Exhibition and sale,Delhi

Seeing ethaan and their products at Dastkar,last year was a visual treat. It was featured in my other blog,

Now that their exhibition is going on, I thought I should feature it in Decor.

ethaan is a craft shop forlights, furniture, table ware, architecture & interiors. A Design studio for contemporary Indian design. E’thaan’ is a Lotha Naga word for something`new’. E’thaan as a brand stands for contemporary Indian design.

In this, E’thaan has two entities- the craft shop and a design studio for craft design development and documentation. New creative designs evolved in a continuity with the past is what best describes our work at E’thaan Design Studio. E’thaan designs furniture, lights, table ware and interiors with craft inputs. The craft shop showcases the work of architect and designer Ritu Varuni, based on the exploration and development of different Indian craft techniques. Her partner in the shop, Bharati Chadha heads the marketing and sales team for E’thaan.

They do architecture and interiors and mountain architecture in their specialty along with natural landscaping. They have a wide array of skilled craftsman for each work of theirs. That includes sanjhi or paper cutting craft in combination with wood and bamboo. These designs create moods with colours and texture accentuated by light quality through the lattice cut works for making different lights.They also do wood block carving,Wood carving and bamboo cane craft,branding,loin weaving,wood craft and carpentry copperware craft,walnut wood carving and leather craft.

Please go and visit ethaan:

ethaan is having their exhibition entitled


Annual design theme exhibition and sale

Handcrafted designer Furniture,Lights & Tableware

The Open Palm Court,India Habitat Centre,Lodi Road,New Delhi

17th to 21st February 2010

11 am to 7 pm

Some of the products which I had photographed last year at Dastkar..


  1. Oooh, they have some very nice stuff. Love the mix of modern and ethnic.

  2. i am also writing the blog about bamboo home decor , i love those utilities a lot!

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  4. The interior decoration pictures in the blog is very nice.Thanks for sharing the blog with us.Keep good work in the blog.


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