Monday, February 8, 2010

Flowers at Home.

Flowers are always a popular decorative theme, no matter what the culture or country.
My great love towards flowers made me a horticulturist.I often spend hours looking at the various forms and textures of the flowers and foliage in the flower market.
Each of them is capable of creating a sense of distinctive look and occassion. Today let me share some images that brought an instant warmth to all corners of our home.
Chrysanthemums warm up spirits and bring in cheer in an antique brass matki
Flower carpet which brought lots of celebrations and cheer to the home -on onam day

Roses   in a pickle jar on the parapet facing the garden path A leaf and a flower from the garden on the table,an early morning sight on the dining  tableTea and Red ixora in a chaiglass on the table on a rainyday,sure to lift your spirits up

Teapots and white chrysanthemums on a rainy day in a corner of the room
Pot of roses and books on the centre table
some pink roses and artifacts
On the dining table fresh fruits and fresh flowers
Some rangoon climber flowers and books and paper,a confusion on the table generally...
some violets near the antique chairRoses on the dining table in a tea pot,white and pinks go wellA traditional wooden kitchen utensil with hibiscus and chai on the centre table

Dining table and some roses
Rajnignadha and tanjore painting

Elephant statue,yellow carnations ,dried pods on the antique side table
narcissus and gods
flowers encircling my cup of tea,a boutique hotel feel...feels so nice,on my dining table

some artifacts,pink flowers and evening light on the centre table..
you Readers have to tell me how these arrangements conveyed the warmth of my home to yours???Wont you all tell me ??

Ideas and Images By LAkshmi Arvind.Pl do not copy images.


  1. Beautiful. Lovely photography there laksh!

  2. every picture is so pretty and inspiring.

  3. Its been raining all day here !
    These wonderful flowers/pics brought in some sunshine to my day (evening actually ;))
    Thanks !

  4. Such a cheerful post.. The pics are sooooo gorgeous.. You made my day!

  5. Hi Lakshmi,

    Very cheerful post.It gave me lot many ideas.i have always loved live flower decoration in my house.On my dinning table i always do some decoration for cheerful spirits for the day.

    now u gave me lot many ideas.thnxs!!!

    also thnxs for visiting my blog ,let me know when u make sabudana kichdi next time how it turned?

  6. Lovely arrangements and beautiful shots!! Sure lends cheer and warmth to the space..

  7. Good luck in your gardening! Yes - you have got right! This is the best time for gardening shoping and I nedd to buy some seeds as well......Have a nice time in your garden!

    sympathy flowers

  8. my favourites would be the very victorian pink roses in white tea pot and the yellow carnations with dried pods - all arrangements look very pretty indeed :)

  9. There are gorgeous! I love the red joba hibiscus) and the rajnigandha displays. Stunning!

  10. These are goregous. I love the joba (hibiscus) and the rajnigandha arrangements. Stunning.

  11. Such gorgeous shots...all of them. I love how you make each arrangement so different and unique.

  12. Chanced upon your blog; loved the flowers...brought a huge wave of nostalgia!

  13. What a beautiful post! just love your pictures...n ofcourse the flower arrangements ;)

  14. Thanks all my friends for the lovely comments on my post and blog.

  15. Amazing. Lovely photography.
    i impressed by Teapots and white chrysanthemums on a rainy day in a corner of the room very fantastic flowers use.
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  16. Amazing. Lovely photography.
    i impressed by Teapots and white chrysanthemums on a rainy day in a corner of the room.

    Gifts to Pakistan


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