Thursday, August 5, 2010

Flowers and Flickr Friends Part 8

"Friends are flowers that never fade",I like this quote a lot

Todays flickr friend is my Dearest friend,Silpa Harish.Its through flickr that i met her and its over a year before i met her and we still retain the warmth and friendship through mails and comments...

I felt compelled to have a hobby says Silpa and I'm glad I chose to pick my husband's camera and start clicking around and about the house.

I have found friends, friends for life and an appreciation of little joys and the beauty in the mundane. Everyday is, now, a celebration of gratitude and creativity.So nice to have been written like that .Its very true that she loves all the simple and mundane .It is visible in her images.Its so nice to see that she brings beauty in a single flower ,rather than so many things around the flower for a composition..

Silpa is a freelance writer from Mumbai ,lives with her husband and two children and a pet dog a recent buy,all makes her family,thts what she says...

enjoy her images and appreciate..
in pursuit of peace:now that we have a pot of frangipani in our balcony, I'm hoping there will be more arrangements with flowers around the house :)
bedside stories, : like I said, fallen frangipani arranged on a fallen leaf is an instant pick me up and fuss free pot pourri on my bedside table.

some cheer, : vying for attention amongst everything on the table.

all things little, :- essentially, a leaf person, flower arrangements in my home are few and far between. our home usually wears the colour 'leaf green.'
kindness, :- collected by the roadside on my morning walk if you could call walking the daughter to the school bust stop that :) simplicity and colours has always been the essence of any kind dressing I do, be it doing up the house or dressing up the kids or making me look good.
happily pink, :- in our rented apartment in Mumbai. that would be the first pot of plant we bought after our wedding, and the hopeless romantic that I am,we bought it on our second wedding anniversary!

All images courtesy:Silpa Harish
visit silpas photostream here


  1. Absolutely enjoyed reading this post. Lovely pictures !

  2. enjoyed a lot. Liked you too. Its a great effort to project yr friend's work. wishing you more enjoyable moments in life

  3. Such serenity in all the shots. Lovely collection of images.

  4. What a lovely post.. I'm enjoying their friendship posts....

    What awesome pictures... There is so much of talent out there.. Its amazing to look and learn.. :-)

    Hope you are doing.. well Laksh!!

  5. I read this post with a grin on my face! thank you, Lakshmi :)

  6. Lovely home! The pink candles and the flowers look gorgeous.

  7. loved every very homely and cosy

  8. Amazing pics, so simple yet outstanding!
    Take Care, Laksh

  9. Wow...this is stunning! I am hosting a jewelry giveaway on my blog. Would love to see you there!


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