Thursday, September 30, 2010

Captivating Colours and My Living Room

A Contemporary Interior manages to incorporate the traditional elements while maintaining a fresh appeal.At home we try to incorporate the traditional elements to a great extent ....

Flowers are found everywhere in India-strewn before visiting guests ,offered at altars in homes and temples and lines up or centred on the dinner table for natural adornment.The vibrant hues of the petals are used to shower a room with radiance or simply to introduce some enlivening accents.Either way the assertive combination conveys exuberance and energy..

a wooden chest and some antique wooden chairs with cane seating and an antique book rack an all time favourite

Furniture at our home has been limited to a few pieces.One of these is the "bajot" a typical low table found throughout in India.This has been pressed into service by us as a centre table or sometimes as a handsome resting spot for favourite objects,such as urulis,a bowl of roses,or a bowl filled with fragrant petals or an inlaid box or sometimes serve tea too...

Will surely share lots more,keep visiting....

All compositions and Images are copyright Lakshmi Arvind.
Its not been copied nor does this site allow stealing images..


  1. Thanks for the wishes Lakshmi, can you link this post to the carnival post so that it makes an entry in our blog post? I coul dhave done it but not sure if you wanted this post to be linked or not.

  2. Every time I visit your Blog, I fall in love with it more. :-)

  3. So much warmth and love in all your shots. Love the touches of orange and yellow in the pics.

  4. your pictures are always such a treat!! one thing though..why don't you post frequently :( please please!!!

  5. Hi,
    Is that the antique spice box on top of the wooden chest.

  6. Hey laksh- Thanks for dropping by and following my blog :) As you must have seen you are already on my blog roll and been following you for ages now!

  7. oh Laksh... such lovely colours... warm warm tones.. such a warm lovable home!!

    Awesome photography as usual..

  8. Thanks sound horn,preoccupied,shalz for loving th images
    purple homes:will try and post regularly,should find more Indian based themes and need to do more research and will try to do more dear.
    Sanctified spaces:thanks dear and yes its an antique spice box.
    patty:dear,what should i tell you,thanks for loving me and my work.

  9. Loved...loved..loved the shots Lakshmi:)...So, lovable and warm home..awesome post as alaways!

  10. सुंदर चित्र हैं। बढ़िया।

  11. Absolutely breathtaking!! A warm and artistic home!!!


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