Monday, September 20, 2010


Its been along time since I have been wanting to write about MESH-Maximising Employment to Serve the Handicapped.From the time ,I have read about them ,I knew i had to write about them .

MESH is an Indian organisation practicing Fair Trade with disabled and leprosy affected crafts artisans, for their rehabilitation.MESH has shops in New Delhi and Hyderabad and work with disabled artisans from all over India.To provide opportunities for disabled people and people affected by leprosy to achieve social and economic integration by trading.

To provide opportunities for disabled people and their dependents, especially those affected by leprosy, to be rehabilitated in order to become self-sufficient

To train disabled people to produce goods suited to their capabilities

To serve as a guide in the selection of what will sell best

To assist in obtaining raw materials

To ensure prompt payment for goods to provide constant cash flow and working capital for continued production

To maintain quality control

To provide guidance to village industries in developing cost sheets which include fair wages for the artisans as well as overheads and profits

To secure orders with the aim of providing full-time employment for disabled people

To secure orders with the aim of providing full-time employment for disabled people

The MESH has a Design Studio on its own..MESH Design Studio opened in February 2008 with financial support from IM Soir, a Swedish Development Organisation committed to Fair Trade.

MESH design studios helps to provide high quality design and product development support as an on-going service of MESH through a design studio. Thereby to allow regular orders and increased economic security to the disabled people that supply MESH.
To encourage young people from the target community to undertake appropriate higher education that will enable the groups to do more of their own design work in-homes.
They also undertake long term and short term workshops for the artisans and helps find prospective clients for MESH

made from sisal fibres
some assorted products
vegetable dyed bed sheets
coasters from fibres

jute cushion covers
mobile pouches

wooden designs
CD cases
Different types of printed bagslove the designs on this rug baglovely colored bags for college goers and laptops

Contact MESH at
5,Local shopping complex,
Uday park,New Delhi

Pictures courtesy:MESH,Fair trade forum


  1. Lovely products, unique and different. Nice find..


  2. such an inspiring post. Love their designs too. Thanks for sharing!:)


  3. Thank you for sharing. I love their philosophy and the designs are gorgeous!

  4. Great work! The designs are things to be proud of.

  5. Gorgeous products..will check them out when I am in Delhi in Nov.Great post.

  6. Thank you for making us aware of such organisations which are providing a platform for the special people, Frankly speaking I hate the word disabled.

  7. the painted bags are gorgeous... I also like the cd case.. :-)

  8. Thanks for such wonderful comments all my dear friends.
    Shweta:Dear,even i hate the word disabled,but i just had to let you all know.

  9. Thank you for the post Lakshmi. Buying handmade can not only promote artists, but also help the needy.

  10. iam just seeing this...yes..thanks for letting us know

  11. very nice products.o its in Hyd, did'nt know.

  12. Gr8 post Lakshmi... loved each one of them.


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