Friday, September 24, 2010

Wildernest, Swapnagandha Valley,Goa

Today let me take you all to Swapnagandha valley,the Valley of Fragrant Dreams where the Wildernest cottages are situated,the most ecofriendly of the resorts one would come across in this part of the world.The Swapnagandha valley is situated in the ridgeline of the Chorla Ghats between the rich forests of the proposed Bhimgad Wildlife sanctuary of Karnataka and the declared Mahdei sanctuary of Goa.

Snuggled cozily amidst picturesque setting of the fabled Western Ghats landscape of Goa at a height of 700 metres above sea level in full view of the majestic Vazra Sakla,a 143 meter waterfall on one side and the tranquil Anjunem backwaters on the other is swapnagandha,a fresh paradise that is ready to be explored and experienced.

I have always shared with you my stories and the Indian Decor which I have come across on our travels.This travel was not part of my life but my brother's "Travels of a Lifetime " as he has fondly calls it.He shares with us the story of the rainsoaked forests,the monsoon butterflies,the winding roads,the ecofriendly wooden cottages with internationally acclaimed ecofriendly standards,the tasty, tasty food which came in ecofriendly traditional 'martaban' jars and served on the dried arecanut leaf plates....and so on and on.

The cottages present an unobstructed view of the famed swapnagandha valley and the forests.

Come enjoy the beauty of Swapnagandha!
view of the valley and the hills....breathtaking
the winding roads in the hills
the ecofriendly boards on the way
the bed ,lamps and the view of the valley from the rooms
sit outside and enjoy the view,very ecofriendly
the flooring is made of old rail sleepers ,very natural and smooth

the water jugs and glasses

ecofriendly lights in wood holders
the walls are also in wood

the dining area which doubles up as the movie hall in the night when nature documentaries are shown.
all wooden furniture facing the valley
the food spread is in terracotta and martaban jars ,look at the rustic ways they have adopted laid out on a huge log of wood which doubles up as a table
their rustic kitchen
cloud 9 bar and the seating arrangement
various shots of the infinity pool perched dangerously at the edge of a cliff

Dusk by the Pool
Come let's go for a walk....
Seating above the Machan to view the valley,climb up and enjoy
Various artefacts to show the true rustic style in their garden,very tropical and natural
Seating arrangement in the cart
Various totem poles strewn here and there in the Landscape

Lord krishna's temple forms the heart of their premises
Seating arrangements to sit,when your tired
Enjoy the outdoor seating

Each nook has been decorated carefully yet subtly

Another figurine on the way
Sign boards to get back ...,the old grinder ,used a show piece in most gardens to float flowers...
Carved seating arrangements in wood
seating arrangements on the Restaurant Deck overlooking the Valley and the Waterfall
Some photographic moments
Looks like an ecofriendly platter to me
on the way back

Beautiful nature ,everywhere

A never before experience is what he described it as...Rustic charm and simplicity clubbed with all comforts make it an ideal retreat to chill out and wash away all the weariness of our urban lives.
Images courtesy:Sandeep Menon
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  1. Oooooh. I'll be right there. Save me a spot. ;)

  2. Oh gosh!! that looks like an awesome place.. And Sandeep clicks amazing pics.. Just like you!! :-)

  3. absolutely loved the log of wood as food bar :)

  4. I've been to Wildernest three times in the last five years - the first was on our honeymoon! It is a beautiful place and well worth a visit in any season. A word of warning if you are travelling in the monsoons though - the extremely high humidity and rainfall levels mean constantly wet cottage floors, non-stop rains and creepy-crawlies in your bed and bath (including leeches). We didn't mind that so much, but not safe for a toddler or elderly person. Great for couples. Rest of the year is lovely and highly recommended.

    Chryselle @ Frangipani Decor

  5. Beautiful, beautiful, I am going to visit this place. Thanks for sharing it.

  6. hey, thanks a bunch.. I am little late in commenting but I had to tell you that after reading this post around 5 months ago, I decided to gift my husband the 4th anniversary celebration stay there. it was worth it after 3 days of goa beaches,, to relax and rejuvenate in the lap of nature. the chorla falls, the treks, the food, the nature trails, the room, the sound of animals on the cottage roof during night, the taste of water, the staff, the mehendi.. just everything was simply memorable.. your pictures are much better than what I got back with :( but the memories are wonderful.

  7. Well this is an absolute nice trip story of Goa.Thanks on your marvelous posting! I definitely enjoyed reading it.I would loved to see that one of images on personalized photo mugsi loved that really.view more

    anyways thanks again & keep sharing


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