Sunday, November 13, 2011


ReImagine:Art,Fun and Creativity


Its a pleasure meeting creative people and I am so happy that I discovered Reimagine and the creative team behind.

‘ReImagine’ is an upcycling project that Lynessa has started along with a friend, Kushy Kuttappa. Though both their educational backgrounds and professional work are in psychology, their interest in art brought them together at an art course last year. They decided they wanted to start a fun project together. 

‘ReImagine’ was thus born as an avenue to explore and express their interest in art and creativity. As they pondered on what they wanted to create, 3 empty wine bottles that were  be discarded stared longingly at them ... and in their beauty, fragility and translucence, they found a medium that has given them much joy and adventure. They say these bottles are reminders that beauty can be created from anything. 

Few points on ‘ReImagine’

•Focus is on making upcycled objects that are aesthetic, functional and affordable - to promote the idea of beauty in ‘Green Living’. 

•Currently they make products from used glass bottles but  plan to extend to other materials as well. The bottles and jars used are donated by friends or sourced from restaurants. 

•Aesthetics: They spend a lot of time on design. One of their goals is to challenge the idea that ‘recycled objects look like scrap’. 

•Functionality: The products can be used and washed daily and are professionally finished. 

•Affordability: Current range is priced between Rs.250 to 500, depending on the design work they have put into it. They specifically want to create products that anyone can buy. 

They plan to showcase and sell our products at exhibitions. They also offer customized products for individuals. 

Its amazing what these empty bottles have to tell you:Read, Enjoy and do let me know..

on the centre table
for flowers
in the kitchen

on the dining table
holders for spoons
brush and penholders

on the side tables
brush holders

tealight holders

amber coloured ones
blue bottles and yellow flowers

Any enquiry regarding ReImagine can be made at or contact Lynessa Coutto here.


  1. wow this is something not alone gorgeous...itz sooo creative and oh ths s something the post and each and every pieces highlighting a design

  2. These look so good. Love the creativity.

  3. These are really very interesting and beautiful... thanks for sharing :)

  4. wow..these are all so wonderful,creative and beautiful. thanks for sharing...

  5. Nice! They are different from the usual painted bottles, with their necks chopped off. I like this better!!


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