Friday, May 18, 2012

the fragrance of summer

Then  followed that beautiful season...Summer...
Filled was the air  with a dreamy and magical light;and the landscape
Lay as if new created in all the frehness of childhood.

~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

A blackmetal tribal hanging..i always thought of lighting diyas in them ,but floated plumerias in them instead.The white crisp cotton curtains at home made an excellent combination with them.The yellow of the plumerias shone in the summery light.The perfect summers...

The coolness of the marbles and the fragrance within them...
The marbles were a little purchase i made on the way from Ajmer from a place called Kishangarh.Kishangarh is famous for marbles.They were not superbly polished ,but it had the presence of the hands that made it..I enjoy surfaces that have a rustic feel to it while maintaining the diverse patterns.i was indeed enchanted by the diverse forms and rustic feel.

steady fragrance

shadows that dancee

the feet thy ..bless

summery coolness 

patterns and prints of summer etched forever


  1. beautiful clicks, I loved the marbles especially the flower one :)

  2. So pretty!! You really have incredible talent.

  3. Spectacular...!I am speechless with the creative work Lakshmi..!

  4. the way u arranged flowers in the metal art s simply fabulous...

  5. Love your collection of textiles. A real treasure trove. I'm always looking forward to the new season and a change in your home!

    We must go shopping together sometime.....I missed you at the Handloom exhibition, where I bought some material for covers, but if you'd been there, I'd have been able to much so much more.

  6. Fabulous!! Your clicks are amazingly beautiful.

  7. wow marble art is fabulous


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