Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Havelis of Fatehpur

Fatehpur was the last town we visited during the trip to the Shekhawati region.Nadine Le prince Haveli was among the finest we visited in Fatehpur. Owned by the famous painter of reality the French artist "Nadine le prince",the haveli has been restored by her.Nadine Le prince is a descendent of a long line of artists dating back to the sixteenth century.She loved India so much that she decided to buy a haveli and start spending time in India painting and teaching.We stood wonderstruck by her paintings in oils,i thought they were all real and we could feel life in all what she painted.

All images:Lakshmi Arvind
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  1. Beautiful, but with such an air of decay about them.

  2. Wow, just stunning. Thanks for stopping by MDC and your comment about the rug. Not sure what I will do....still figuring it out!! hugs Anu

  3. This is beautiful....just hope they preserve it well ...


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