Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Of floral prints and flowers at home!

Summer flourishes with flowers and I changed the whole palette of the home into soothing florals and cool pastels and full of flowers.
sun and summer light
the great Indian summer
our love of flowers

under the shade of

the golden touch
the brilliant whites
pretty florals

the golden summers in a thali

our day bed finally....a 100 year old one in our house

All imagesLAkshmi Arvind
please do not copy nor steal.


  1. Gorgeous Laksh. Each season in your house is such a delight. Are those neem flowers? They look so beautiful! Love how you have such a mass of them together.

  2. The "under the shade of..." snap is the heart-stealer...! Love the title the nandi and the flower...i wonder what god's gift ur talent is... in love with Cassia, in love with CD and in love with the creative mind behind this post... Hail CD's LA...!

  3. Gorgeous photos! Love your home and your styling - it is so simple and very elegant.


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