Thursday, May 3, 2012

Havelis of Mandawa - Part 1.

It was indeed a blessing to have lived here for some days in a haveli called Mandawa Haveli, the best option we could have ever got, having faced a little problem while looking for decent options to stay.

A Haveli beautifully restored, a charming inner courtyard, restored frescoes and beautiful rooms, the coloured glass, the beautiful fabrics and furniture.. A place ushering in its own charm and character.We stayed in a Room called Nilesh, all rooms were named after Lord Krishna.

a little history
the beautiful entrance

bougainvilleas and girls

the turbaned gatekeeper and the majestic entrance
frescoes and flowers
the little apple

more bougainvilleas

on our way inside
floating flowers
their courtyard

bougainvilleas floating,my style

outside our room called Nilesh
ambience in blue
loved this lamp

beautiful hanging lamps
an anexe to our room where we sat,played and looked at the rains
lit courtyard arches
beauty of the lamps
lovely paintings all over
loved each of them
the library where We indulged alot,loved looking to the streets from here.
I have since then discovered that this place has already been visited and blogged by Archana Srinivas in her excellent blog Rang Decor. Do read more about this place here.


  1. Hey!
    Seeing India through your lens is an amazing experience for me. Joined your blog to catch more of these...

  2. All the images are superb!! What a lovely place it is.

  3. so beautiful. Your pictures are surreal.

  4. A lovely little gem of a place! Love how they decorate the little niches.


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